Advanced Clean 2.5 SpaLet Bidet Seat



Make every trip to the bathroom a refreshing experience with the Advanced Clean 2.5 SpaLet Bidet Seat. Designed for complete cleansing and personal comfort, the dual nozzle SpaLet Bidet Seat directs water to both front and rear areas for exceptional, hands-free cleaning. Ideal for the whole family and especially welcome during pregnancy and postpartum, the SpaLet Bidet Seat features a soothing, adjustable warm-water spray, heated seat, and warm air dryer, all operated by an intuitive remote control. The Advanced Clean 2.5 SpaLet Bidet Seat provides unparalleled cleansing for superior personal hygiene, right in your own home.


Height Width Length
5.5"  15.625" 21.125"



• Welcome relief from common pregnancy and postpartum conditions

• Helps relieve soreness and itch while keeping this sensitive area clean

• Ideal for medical conditions that require improved hygiene

• Self-cleaning dual nozzles for effective front and back cleansing

• Multiple sprays provide a personalized cleansing experience

• Instant heat ensures constant availability of warm water

• Heated seat with adjustable temperature for added comfort

• Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature reduces the need for toilet paper

• True hands-free experience

• Intuitive remote control for easy operation

• Active charcoal deodorizer reduces odors in the bowl

• Slow-close seat and lid eliminates slamming

• One-touch button to remove seat for easy cleaning

• Soft night light guides you at night

• Slim 5.5-inch (140mm) profile

• Eco-friendly one-touch power save mode

• Fits most conventional elongated toilets

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